This page lists the speakers at Feminism in London 2008.

Rania Khan

Rania KhanRania Khan, Labour Councillor and campaigner against lap dancing clubs in East London. When first elected, Rania was the youngest female councillor in the UK.

Marjorie Nshemere Ojule

Marjorie Nshemere OjuleMarjorie Nshemere Ojule, a trustee of Women for Refugee Women.

Kate Smurthwaite

Kate SmurthwaiteKate Smurthwaite (compere).


Read her blog at: http://cruellablog.blogspot.com/

Helen Atkins

Helen AtkinsHelen Atkins, exiting prostitution development office at the Poppy Project, an organisation that provides direct services to trafficked women.

Finn Mackay

Finn MackayFinn Mackay, founder of the London Feminist Network and co-founder of the Feminist Coalition Against Prostitution (FCAP) and the revived annual London Reclaim the Night march.

Representative from Abortion Rights

Abortion Rights.

Shahida Choudhry

Shahida ChoudhryShahida Choudhry from Million Women Rise.

Sasha Rakoff

Sasha RakoffSasha Rakoff, director of Object, the human rights group that challenges ‘sex object culture’ – the increased sexual objectification of women linked to mainstreaming of the porn and sex industries, in particular via lads mags, lap dancing clubs being licensed as restaurants and sexist advertising.

Marie-Claire Faray-Kele

Marie-Claire Faray-KeleMarie-Claire Faray-Kele, mother of two daughters, a research scientist in infectious diseases at Barts and the London Queen Mary University of London, Institute of Cell and Molecular Sciences. Actively involved in the voluntary sector, campaigning for peace, women’s rights and women participation/representation in decision making arena in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). An executive member of the Women’s Intenational League for Peace and Freedom, where she campaigns on Violence against Women and the implementation of UN SCR 1325. A member of the executive committee for COMMON CAUSE UK, the platform of Congolese women in the UK.

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